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Lockdown Wins


The lockdowns were quite an enlightening time for us. We went from going crazy to going creative, to becoming bakers to having moments of deep insight; it was intense. While we had our phases inside, nature had her own, she thrived while we were locked up in our houses. It was almost as if nature, the birds, bees, elephants and all the animals are having a ‘wild’ party that we are definitely not invited to. Well, fortunately unfortunately, we’re back to crash their party. Eeks!

Most of the reasons why nature was thriving was because humans were not doing a lot of our dirty work like driving cars, running polluting industries, we were not shopping like crazy, not throwing around garbage. All the things contributing to the flourishing of nature were because of things we weren’t doing. But did you ever think that maybe there were things we WERE doing during the lockdown that was contributing to this beauty? Yes, there are actually things the human race can do to help the planet, even at a time like this.

1. Food Waste

When the lockdown was announced, what was the very first thing you just had to rush to the market to buy? Besides some people fighting over toilet paper, most of the sane population was mainly focused on stocking up food; crazy amounts of food. Food is something we usually take for granted. Thanks to the lockdown, we’ve all woken up to food waste and how much we throw away. We realised and are still realising how precious food actually is and are trying to avoid wasting it. Also, since a lot of us have received salary cuts, we’re being very cautious with what we buy instead of splurging on junk like we used to. Needs over wants is rule of sustainability, a much needed skill we learnt.

2. Eating Local – Eating Seasonal

Food mile is the amount of distance your food had to travel from the time of its harvest or production until it reaches you. It is basically the amount of greenhouse gases produced by your food for it to reach you and be eaten. The amount of Co2 produced through food miles is way higher than we realize.

One amazing thing that has happened because of the lockdown is that we are forced to eat local. Often, we don’t realize it but a lot of our food is imported from different states, sometimes even different countries. Also, because we aren’t importing so much food from different areas with different climates, we are forced to eat seasonal food, which is actually how our bodies were designed to be. So, we’re helping reduce our carbon footprints even further.

3. DIY

The lockdown has been the time of our hidden talents and curiosities to shine. So many of us have been baking, cooking, sewing and painting. I see ya and I am proud of ya! Thanks to the lockdown the world has been blessed with so many more artists, chefs, bakers and so much more. But did you know that just by having fun doing this you are actually helping the planet? Think about it, if it weren’t for the lockdown a lot of us would be ordering food A LOT, we would be online shopping more. We would be buying more than making but because of the lockdown we’re just doing things on our own, using what we have. DIY for the win!

Good for your pocket and good for the planet…and also your health! Mental and physical.

4. Eating more vegetables

We all need a good immune system right now and most of us are trying our best to do as much as we can to get our immune systems up and working. And you know what helps boost our immune systems the most? Vegetables, especially, green leafy ones. I can imagine some of you making those faces.

Meat is acidic in nature and viruses thrive in acidic environments whereas vegetables are alkaline in nature and viruses have a hard time surviving in a predominantly alkaline body. Eating less meat actually helps fight climate change as well because the livestock industry is actually one of the biggest contributors of climate change. Forests and pasturelands are wiped out to create animal farms (yes, they are just as vicious as George Orwell’s). Animal factory farms have a very high carbon water footprint. Also, cows produce methane when they belch, a gas way more dangerous than Co2, which further contributes to global warming. So, eating more vegetables means good for the planet and good for you.

5. Gardening

Ok, so this is my personal favourite, I have been seeing a lot of gardeners cropping up (see what I did there;) ) and it just makes me so happy. Not only did the lockdown make us realize how dependent we are for food but also made us conscious of the quality of food we consume. When we grow our own vegetables, not only are we eating organic and fresh but we are producing next to zero emissions through food miles. It’s right there in your garden, balcony or kitchen shelf. But also the plants are helping further by takin in more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, which is always a good thing!