Erpingham House


Swipe left and get your phone cameras at the ready folks, the ultimate insta-worthy vegan dining experience, Erpingham House, has opened up its doors in Brighton, on Duke Street. 

If you’re from Norwich, or you’re just a diehard vegan foodie, you’re most likely familiar with the original site of Erpingham House which, since its opening, has seen incredible growth and is now recognised as one of the UKs top plant-based restaurants.

Prior to the success of his first restaurant, the co-founder Loui Blake had an idea. He decided he wanted to revolutionise the concept of a business, believing that a business exchange should only ever be a win-win. Loui believes that each choice that we make is one that influences our future, no matter how big or small. Loui’s ethos is one that believes in small incremental changes that contribute towards large scale and long-lasting change. He believes that every choice we make can be one that influences our future, and thus, Erpingham House was born. The idea was to normalise vegan eating by creating a menu full of plant-based versions of familiar, well-loved foods at competitive prices, whilst still providing the aesthetic, picture-perfect experience.

Having taken matters into his own hands, Loui’s infectious ideology of how good businesses should be, meant that he didn’t stop there. Today, the company is known for continuously finding new ways to offset any environmental damage and to actively have a positive impact on the environment and local community. Loui and the team have set out to provide top tier working conditions for staff, whereby at minimum, all employees will receive living wage. They are also entitled to receive significant discounts on food and a paid taxi home after working past midnight. The company has also partnered with local businesses such as the zero-emissions taxi firm for staff and customer travel, as well as being Carbon-Free Dining certified.

The birth of Loui’s second endeavor came from a desire to fill a gap in the market. Loui noticed that whilst there were plenty of vegan options in central London, there was a gap for a plant-based restaurant providing the aesthetics of a fancy restaurant, but at and reduced emissions. *Enter Kalifornia Kitchen*. The interior is no less than stunning and the hope is that by attracting everyone, vegan or non-vegan, that plant-based, sustainable eating can become the norm. The new Brighton location has brought onboard top Los Angeles chef and former culinary director of Plant Food + Wine in Venice beach, Jason Wood. With his expert help, the Brighton location has jazzed up the original menu, now with a combination of classic favourites and new twists such as the Brighton Bowl (just order one and thank me later). Erpingham House has it all all; it doesn’t matter if you fancy a romantic meal, want to grab a bit of lunch, need a latte and a catchup, or you want to dress up and have roof terrace drinks with the girls. You can do it all in one place and that was Loui and the team’s entire plan with both locations, to create a place that could bring the community together (I’m not crying, you are). Erpingham House and Kalifornia Kitchen are paving the way and setting the example for sustainable business everywhere. We hope to see more and more business following suit, putting sustainability and community growth at the forefront of their ethos. From myself, Brighton progressives alike, Welcome, Erpingham House.